Homeowners Insurance in Tyler, TX

Your home is your largest investment. You should never skimp on insurance to save a buck. At The Gibb Agency, we want to make sure you, your family, and your investment are fully covered. We will save you money, but we will also save you from the panic that comes with finding out too late that you are underinsured.

Valuable Personal Property Insurance

Some of your personal property is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy even if those items are not in your home. For example, if your car gets broken into and your laptop is stolen, it will most likely be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. Most policies, however, have a dollar limit they will pay for your valuable items. For example, items like professional cameras, expensive art collections, engagement rings, or music equipment may not be covered under your personal property insurance policy. However, those items can easily be covered for just a few bucks a month when you add valuable personal property insurance to your plan. Speak to one of our agents to learn more about this coverage.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy provides coverage that goes beyond the limits of your homeowner’s, personal property, auto, and all other vehicle insurance policies. It gives you extra protection if you face a potential lawsuit for damages to someone’s property or injuries from an accident. Give us a call to find out if umbrella liability insurance is right for you.

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